• I Need to Unplug! HELP!March 26th, 2015

    Well friends, I have a problem.
    It seems that I have some super glue stuck on my hand. And it attached to my cell phone. Can anyone help me?
    How do you guys unplug?
    I just have to get better at it.

  • WIAW #25 // Whole 30March 25th, 2015

    Hi babes! Happy hump day!
    It’s time for daily eats in another WIAW – be sure to head to Peas & Crayons for the full linkup!
    I mentioned on social media but my whole family decided to e

  • Q&A: The Modern Day Girlfriend Celebrates Being Perfectly ImperfectMarch 24th, 2015

    Do you ever connect with someone and instantly think “AH!! We would be such good friends!” ??
    This is exactly how I felt when I connected with Bridget and Arianna from The Modern Day Girlf